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Ten/ten Botswana capsule collection of engagement rings

Engagement is one of the few rituals celebrating love in its purest form. The value of an engagement ring is not in its price, but the symbolism, in a promise and the hopes it gives. In January 2021, De Beers, in partnership with Blue Nile, released the Ten/ten Botswana capsule collection of engagement rings. Ten…

Anatomy in fashion and jewelry

Humans’ anatomy is one of the most unpopular motifs in jewelry and fashion. We might like seeing body parts in photographs, we admire naked bodies on paintings, and we find beautiful the nudity sculpted in marble, but are we attracted to wearing a brooch depicting a naked butt? It appears that the design of garments,…

Doubtful eggs in the Hermitage

It won’t be an exaggeration to consider The House of Fabergé as the most important Russian jewelry company of the past, and – since it is the only internationally appreciated Russian jewelry brand among collectors – the present. In November 2020 the exhibition “Fabergé: Jeweller to the Imperial Court” opened at the Hermitage museum in…

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