Ten/ten Botswana capsule collection of engagement rings

Engagement is one of the few rituals celebrating love in its purest form. The value of an engagement ring is not in its price, but the symbolism, in a promise and the hopes it gives.

In January 2021, De Beers, in partnership with Blue Nile, released the Ten/ten Botswana capsule collection of engagement rings. Ten female jewelry designers were asked to make 10 rings, reflecting their vision of this symbolical piece of jewelry.

Each ring is set with a natural diamond responsibly sourced in Botswana. Unfortunately, not all the stones used in jewelry nowadays are responsibly sourced or have a clear provenance. Instead, one can be sure that the whole way of the Ten/Ten rings from the mine to the final result hasn’t caused any harm or injustice. Ten/ten engagement rings convey only well-being vibes. What an honor to be engaged with such a ring!

I contacted the designers involved in Ten/Ten to ask them a couple of questions related to their creations and the project. Turn pages to read.


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